CHAPTER 1: LAY THE FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZING -- asks you to examine a few important issues before digging in to your organizing project...including:

CHAPTER 2:LET'S GET STARTED -- examines a number of basic organizing principles and how they apply to your office environment...including:

CHAPTER 3: SHIFTING OUR THINKING -- offers a few changes that you can make on the mental side that will have a dramatic effect on your office organization...including:

CHAPTER 4: CLUTTER PREVENTERS -- outlines some simple techniques that you can use to tackle those "problem areas" in your office...including:

CHAPTER 5: TYING IT ALL TOGETHER -- teaches you how to turn these many ideas into a coherent organizing system for your workspace...including:

CHAPTER 6: PRODUCTS THAT WORK -- offers some ideas for specific products you might use in your office...including:

CHAPTER 7: LEARN MORE ABOUT CLUTTER-FREE AND ORGANIZED -- provides more information about the author, her company, and the organizing services she provides...including: