INTRODUCTION: THE CHOICE TO BE A SAVVY INVESTOR -- examines the way that women traditional avoid handling money and the many problems this can cause

BRIGITTE: SLEEPLESS IN PARADISE -- a cautionary tale about taking control of your financial life after a divorce

VICTORIA: A TRAGEDY OF TRUST -- a cautionary tale about a retirement account that was depleted because of bad brokerage decisions

KRISTY: TOOL BELTS FOR TWO -- shares the tale of fixing up a house as a good investment...including:

DENICE: PRIMED TO SAVE -- discusses how a penchant for saving can benefit you...including:

LYDIA: THE GOOD STEWARD -- outlines the way to use the TIAA-CREF investment program to build her a retirement fund...including:

JULIE: STOCK MARKET AFFICIONADO -- describes a journey from a financial struggle, to a passion for investing...including:

LYNN: THE LAND BARONESS -- outlines how to make a responsible decision about what to do with family property...including:

CAROL: SAVVY STOCK SELECTOR -- describes how to follow your instincts when picking local companies in which to invest...including:

KAYLY: 'KAY'PABILITY PERSONIFIED -- shares tips for developing financial expertise and confidence through savvy choices...including:

KELLY: THE BIG PICTURE -- describes a rise out of poverty with the use of strategic planning...including:

LAUREN AND CLAIRE: A TALE OF TWO SISTERS -- outlines a tale of growing up in an affluent household and the financial path that can lead to...including:

PAMELA: LADIES OF THE CLUB -- tells of one woman's experience with creating an investment club...including:

GLADYS: BONDING WITH ZEROES -- describes one woman's way of investing after losing every penny in a recession...including:

ANNA AND JENNIFER: MOTHER AND DAUGHTER DUO -- tells the story of a family's personal experiences with financial risk...including:

DOROTHY: TWENTY-TWO HITS AND A MISS -- examines a journey out of her impoverished neighborhood and into business success...including:

JOY: DARE TO DREAM -- describes how one woman financially survived her husband's death...including:

ANNETTE: THE CZ GIRL -- tells about turning a love of tropical areas into financial success...including:

DOREEN: THE WORLD TRAVELER -- shows how a couple finances their extensive traveling as they move into retirement...including:

LOUISE: FUNDING COLLEGE -- tells the tale of an older college graduate and how she is making sure her grandchildren can finish school much earlier...including:

PATRICIA: CLIMBING THE LADDER -- describes a depression-era couple's financial path to security...including:

JEAN: THE PITFALL OF PROCRASTINATION -- shares a story about how waiting can cost you dearly when a spouse dies...including:

GAY: LIVING WHERE TRUE WEALTH RESIDES -- describes how long-term illness can affect your resources...including:

FRAN: THE SELF-DESCRIBED MEEK MOUSE -- describes how a reluctant investor took hold of her financial reins...including:

MARIE: PLAYING HER OPTIONS -- examines an advanced investment strategy that paid off...including:

SUSAN: THE CHEERFUL GIVER -- explains two options for protecting your heirs from estate taxes...including:

SARAH: BANKING ON HER HUSBAND -- outlines two methods for dealing with your estate if you are left as the remaining spouse...including:

ABIGAIL: THE TRIPLE-WIN SOLUTION -- outlines a better option for handling matured CDs and a charitable donation...including:

JANI: ART AND ARCHITECTURE -- offers advice on what to do with an inherited property you no longer want or need...including:

ACTION STEPS -- lists 10 steps you can take to get started on a more proactive and conscious path with your financial future

PERSONAL FINANCIAL PROFILE -- outlines all the information you need to gather to create a meaningful financial profile and creating a plan of action

HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR WHOLE LIFE IN ONE NOTEBOOK -- provides a simple yet comprehensive organizing system that will simplify your recordkeeping

GUIDELINES FOR CHOOSING YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR -- outlines 8 questions to ask and issues to consider about a person before hiring them to manage your investments

RESOURCES -- provides some additional books, websites, and a glossary of terms that will help you as you move forward down your financial path