CHAPTER 1: STRATEGY AND PERFORMANCE RESULTS -- tips for customizing your project approach...including:

CHAPTER 2: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A PROJECT MANAGER? -- what is involved in managing a project...including:

CHAPTER 3: THE RULES OF THE PROJECT GAME -- guidelines that you should follow on any project you plan...including:

CHAPTER 4: THE 9 KNOWLEDGE AREAS -- key issues you need to consider in project management...including:

CHAPTER 5: STARTING OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT -- the overall project plan picture...including:

CHAPTER 6: IDENTIFYING STAKEHOLDERS -- who has an interest in the project and their roles...including:

CHAPTER 7: SCOPING OUT PROJECT SUCCESS -- understand and develop the scope of the project...including:

CHAPTER 8: MANAGING RISKS AND CONSTRAINTS -- the risky side of project managemenet...including:

CHAPTER 9: THE BREAKDOWN OF TASKS -- what really needs to be done to accomplish your project...including:

CHAPTER 10: THE NETWORK DIAGRAM -- system for creating a map of your project...including:

CHAPTER 11: PROJECT START TO FINISH -- establish a timeline for getting everything done...including:

CHAPTER 12: DETERMINING THE CRITICAL PATH -- the complexities of project scheduling...including:

CHAPTER 13: BUDGETING AND COST-CONTROL OPTIONS -- tips for staying within your project budget...including:

CHAPTER 14: BUILDING A WINNING PROJECT TEAM -- bring together the right group to complete your project...including:

CHAPTER 15: GETTING WHAT YOU NEED -- how to get the resources you need for your project...including:

CHAPTER 16: GETTING THE PLAN APPROVED -- the review and approval process...including:

CHAPTER 17: GETTING STARTED ON THE RIGHT TRACK -- the first steps of actually implementing the plan...including:

CHAPTER 18: LEADERSHIP -- the challenges of leading a project team...including:

CHAPTER 19: WHAT AN ORGANIZATION -- what is involved with managing a team...including:

CHAPTER 20: OPERATING GUIDELINES -- techniques for struturing your project activities...including:

CHAPTER 21: MAKING YOUR COMMUNICATIONS COUNT -- for getting your message across effectively...including:

CHAPTER 22: MONITORING AND CONTROLLING -- ways to stay on top of the schedule and budget...including:

CHAPTER 23: PREPARING OPERATIONS -- the process of handing over your deliverables...including:

CHAPTER 24: CHANGES -- handling issues of change...including:

CHAPTER 25: QUALITY MANAGEMENT -- tips for making your deliverables the best they can be...including:

CHAPTER 26: COMMON PROJECT PROBLEMS -- measures for preventing common roadblocks...including:

CHAPTER 27: WILL THE LAST ONE OUT PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS? -- the wrap-up of a completed project...including:

CHAPTER 28: THE FINAL EVALUATION -- your success at delivering the end result...including:

CHAPTER 29: THE PROJECT-ENABLED ORGANIZATION -- using project management techniques in your business...including:

CHAPTER 30: SOFTWARE FOR ALL PROJECTS GREAT AND SMALL -- project management tools...including: