INTRODUCTION -- shares the author's story of trying to stay on top of wedding thank you's as the gifts poured in, and explains how this guide can help you

WHY BOTHER? -- explains why it is so important to write a meaningful thank you for your wedding gifts rather than a generic, impersonal, and slapdash note

MASTERING THANK YOU NOTE WRITING WITH ORGANIZATION -- describes how disorganization can leave you feeling overwhelmed (and your wedding guests feeling unappreciated) and outlines a stress-free wedding scenario with the right organization skills

THE 7-STEP PROCESS -- leads you through the complete 7-step process for writing your wedding thank you notes, from greeting to signature, with examples for each step and tips for tailoring your message to the specific recipient

THE SECRET 8TH STEP -- outlines how to personalize without taking a year to write your notes and offers two techniques for making each of your thank you's feel as though it was only written for that person

HELPFUL HINTS -- provides 4 time-saving tips to make your note writing go faster and for varying your notes without a lot of extra effort

TOOLS AND TIPS FOR STAYING ORGANIZED -- offers a list of supplies you will need before you get started and tips for organizing both your time and space for engagement, bridal shower, and wedding thank you's

NOTES -- a section for recording freehand thoughts, ideas, and reminders as you work through your thank you's