PLANS AND PREPARATIONS -- offers 21 tips for structuring your days and environment so that you don't cause yourself unnecessary stress...including padding your schedule, being realistic about your to-do list, planning ahead, and making the best use of your time

YOUR BODY AND ITS SURROUNDINGS -- provides 11 suggestions for nurturing yourself in order to reduce stress in your life...including pampering rituals, taking care of your health, and putting yourself into the right kind of environment for the life you want to live

YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF -- gives you 20 ideas for working on your mental battle against stress...including putting an end to perfectionism, eliminating negative self-talk, setting goals, taking a break, and putting some creativity into your day

YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS -- discusses 13 ways to keep other people from causing you unnecessary stress...including being honest about your needs and feelings, your relationship with the telephone, nurturing your relationships, learning how to say "no", and clearing negative people out of your life