INTRODUCTION: MY STORY -- tells the author's story of creating this chore system and how it changed her life...including:

CHAPTER 1: CHALLENGES OF TEACHING LIFE SKILLS IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM -- looks at the shifts in the ways that familys function that we've undergone as a society, some not-so-constructive patterns that have emerged, and how to reverse these trends...including:

CHAPTER 2: WHAT IS YOUR CHILD'S LEARNING STYLE? -- helps you determine how to teach life skills and assign chores based on your child's innate way of learning...including:

CHAPTER 3: ORGANIZATION HELPS A FAMILY FOCUS ON WHAT IT VALUES -- examines the ways that organization is a tool for prioritizing your family's activities and keeping focused on what's really important...including:

CHAPTER 4: YOUR FAMILY'S CHORE SYSTEM (GUIDELINES TO INCREASE YOUR LIKELIHOOD OF SUCCESS) -- looks at some basic principles for a successful chore system and offers ways to implement each idea in your family...including:

CHAPTER 5: EIGHT SIMPLE STEPS TO PLAN YOUR CHORE SYSTEM -- outlines an easy-to-follow plan and worksheets for creating your system...including:

CHAPTER 6: WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER (THREE SIMPLES STEPS TO CREATE "TEAM FAMILY") -- looks at the right way to get everyone's cooperation and involvement in this project...including:

CHAPTER 7: START YOUR CHORE TRAINING PROGRAM -- shows you exactly how to progress through your training program stage at a time...including:

CHAPTER 8: TEACHING MONEY SENSE HAS LIFETIME BENEFITS -- offers some guidance on instructing your kids about finances...including:

CHAPTER 9: SUCCESS IN DISCIPLINE (KNOW WHAT YOUR CHILD VALUES) -- looks at the various philosophies and practices for providing consequences when your child does not do as required...including:

CHAPTER 10: REWARD OPTIONS -- on the flip side, looks at ways to praise your child for his or her efforts...including:

CHAPTER 11: KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING -- provides some ideas for keeping your chore system from fizzling out when things get hectic...including: