CREATING GOALS THAT ARE PERSONAL -- leads you through four exercises to help you determine what you really want out of life, what has kept you from accomplishing your goals in the past, and how to overcome those roadblocks

CREATING GOALS THAT ARE ORGANIZED -- offers seven tips for tackling your goals in an organized fashion, one that will allow you to create a solid plan, schedule the necessary time to work on your goals, and track your progress

CREATING GOALS THAT ARE WORKABLE -- offers ten techniques for making sure that your goals (and the actions you take to achieve them) are in alignment with your true priorities

CREATING GOALS THAT ARE EFFECTIVE -- discusses seven ways to make sure your goals are actually moving you toward a positive end result that helps you regain control over your time and achieve balance in your life

CREATING GOALS THAT ARE REALISTIC -- offers nine tips for developing goals that you can accomplish -- goals that are reasonable, measurable, and finite

DEALING WITH PROCRASTINATION --offers a definition of procrastination, a look at the behaviors / emotions related to procrastination, and some practical suggestions for overcoming procrastination in your daily life

THE SIX STYLES OF PROCRASTINATION -- offers a description of each type of procrastinator (perfectionist, worrier, dreamer, overdoer, defier, and crisis-maker), along with suggestions for replacing negative habits with more positive behaviors

SUGGESTED READING -- offers a list of six excellent books to read if you struggle with procrastination