GOAL-PLANNING SHEET -- provides space for recording short-range and long-range goals in each area of your life (personal, family, health, education, career, financial, travel, and social) and their target accomplishment dates

PLANNING -- offers 14 tips for turning your dream into a solid commitment, fitting the time into your schedule to the action steps, and staying energized throughout the process

ORGANIZE -- 7 steps to using your calendar as a time management tool, making sure that you have the materials you will need to proceed, and guaranteeing that you are working on the most important tasks on your to-do list

WRITE -- provides 17 methods for honing your to-do list, staying on top of items you don't complete today, and sticking with it until you create a new habit

ESTIMATE -- suggests 13 ways to more accurately estimate how long a job will take, improving your chances of completing it and reducing your stress level while you work

TIME WASTERS -- points out 8 habits that will rob you of time, and what to do to counteract them

TIME SAVERS -- offers 15 replacements behaviors that will actually give you more time each day to spend accomplishing your goals