CHAPTER 1: FREEDOM FROM CHAOS -- takes a beginning look at the value and mechanics of personal organization...including:

CHAPTER 2: CHALLENGES TO GETTING ORGANIZED -- looks at the many reasons why we don't get organized, no matter how "good for us" it might be...including:

CHAPTER 3: TIME ORGANIZING STYLES -- examines the 4 major time styles or personalities, looking at both the strengths and challenges for each...including:


CHAPTER 5: PRIORITIZING AND DECISION MAKING -- offers some guidance in how to appropriate prioritize responsibilities in your life and make decisions as to what should get your immediate attention...including:

CHAPTER 6: SPACE ORGANIZING STYLES -- moves on the the next element of organization, a look at your natural tendencies and inclinations regarding how you interact with your space...including:

CHAPTER 7: PRINCIPLES OF ORGANIZING -- examines some basic principles of organization that you can apply to any area or issue in your life...including:

CHAPTER 8: ANALYSIS -- begins with the first step of organizing your space, a reality check about your current organizational situation...including:

CHAPTER 9: DEMOLITION -- moves to the second step of space organizing, clearing out some room so you can develop an organized storage system...including:

CHAPTER 10: HUB -- continues into the third step for organizing your space, creating an organized central work area...including:

CHAPTER 11: FILING AND STORAGE -- completes the final step in space organizing, setting up a meaningful space for storing paper and supplies...including:

CHAPTER 12: WORKFLOW ONE-WAY STREET -- looks at thhe first step in organizing your workflow, setting up systems for processing information...including:

CHAPTER 13: TASK MANAGEMENT -- moves on to the second step of effective workflow, having a way to organize your to-do's...including:

CHAPTER 14: GETTING THINGS DONE -- continues to the third stage of workflow management, actually making the time to complete each task...including:

CHAPTER 15: COMPUTER ORGANIZATION -- offers some tips for better organizing your electronic life...including:

CHAPTER 16: COMMON CHALLENGES -- offers specific solutions to some of the most common organizing roadblocks...including: