TAKE INVENTORY -- leads you through an overview of the process of getting your home in order, helping you to judge where you are and where you want to go with your efforts

STORAGE IDEAS -- offers a variety of innovative and practical suggestions for storage solutions throughout your house...including tips for the right kinds of containers for different areas

KITCHEN MAGIC -- takes you through a step-by-step process for organizing your kitchen cabinets, dishes, cookware, and a way so that you can find anything you need in seconds and have no "homeless" items living in your kitchen

LIVING ROOM ORDER -- helps you determine what activities do and should take place in the living room, what this space's best use is based on your family's interests and preferences, and how to arrange and organize your storage and furniture to suit those needs

CLEVER CLOSETS -- leads you through a systematic method for cleaning out any type of closets, deciding what to keep and what to let go of, and organizing your closets according to use and some unusual closet organizing products that can help you along the way

BEDROOM BEAUTY -- offers some suggestions for organizing your bedroom storage spaces, clothes closets, flat open surfaces, and specific items that tend to pile up (like TV remotes and reading material)

BATHROOM TIPS -- helps you set up your bathroom linen closets and medicine cabinets for ease of use and accessibility

HOME OFFICE SOLUTIONS -- takes you through the entire process of setting up a home office...from selecting the right furniture to storing your supplies

BASEMENT BOOGIE -- offers a variety of storage ideas for the basement, including suggestions for the right racks, containers, and other organizing paraphernalia

WORKBENCH WONDER -- sets up a system for organizing your workbench and tools so you never have to hunt for a 3/16 socket wrench again!

GARAGE GUIDE -- helps you create activity stations in the garage for toys, outside furniture, winter gear, sports equipment, and bikes

MAINTAIN IT -- outlines the importance of maintenance in staying organized and sets up a plan for keeping all of your household areas in order