START SORTING -- outlines the process of sorting through old and new papers, deciding what to keep and what to toss, and knowing what to do with the items you are keeping

FILE FEATURES -- teaches you how to set up a workable filing system that is specifically designed to complement and improve your work style

REFERENCE FILES -- explains exactly what reference files are and how you know which ones you, tips for determining the right reference file category titles

BILLS, BILLS, BILLS -- provides a systematic method for processing bills, storing them until they are ready to be paid, and making sure they are paid on time

BUILD A BINDER -- teaches you how to create meaningful binders and binder sub-categories for projects, committees you serve on, and other important information

PILES AND FILES -- gets you to take a look at why you are piling, how to turn those piles into files, and how to make sure you can find those items again once they are filed away

NEAT OR EFFICIENT -- outlines the difference between neat and efficient, helps you evaluate which you are, and takes a look at how to become more efficient in the way you process papers

WORKFLOW TO GO -- helps you examine your office workflow, find any gaps that are causing a back-up of paper, and create a natural progression for any incoming paper to follow so it is processed in a timely manner

RECEIPTS AND MORE -- teaches an easy method for filing receipts that you are keeping for many purposes, expensive purchases, items you may need to return, warranties, etc.

STORAGE SOLUTIONS -- outlines the types of filing cabinets, desk organizers, and storage containers needed for storing your office supplies and paperwork

MAINTAIN IT -- outlines the importance of maintenance in staying organized and sets up a plan for keeping your office and paperwork in order

GO FOR IT! -- helps you to know that you must start somewhere, that it's best to begin by working in small increments and keep going, and that it will all come together piece by piece