TAPE 1: HOW TO OVERCOME EXCUSES, CHALLENGES, AND HURDLES -- discusses how your choices and attitude affect everything around you, and how the choices you make can give you control over things you can't control...with exercises that identify things that get in your way and applying the "3% rule" to your life (with special guest and leadership expert Rick Butts, author of "The Safari Chronicles")

TAPE 2: MANAGING PAPER -- explains how to manage your paper load by reading, processing, and learning faster...including 8 myths about reading, 5 reason why you are having trouble keeping up, tips for creating a reading pile that is more quality and less quantity, how to streamline your reading folder by deciding what NOT to read, how to find the most important information more quickly, and methods for becoming a faster and more efficient reader (with special guest Abby Marks-Beale, author of "Ten Days To Faster Reading")

TAPE 3: MANAGING PAPER PART TWO -- provides you with a simple, yet effective process for dealing with incoming paper...including what household papers you need to keep and which you can toss, where and how your documents should be filed, how and why to use a "tickler" file, why you need a safety deposit box and what should be stored in it, and how to create your own "home management" book and "medical pink sheet" (with special guest and Professional Organizer Shirley Green, creator of the "Pink Sheet System")

TAPE 4: MANAGING YOUR BEDROOM -- talks about how the state of your bedroom impacts your stress level and how getting it organized can change your life...including tips for changing how you feel about your bedroom space, storing and organizing bedding, arranging your closet so it works for you, and cutting down on laundry

TAPE 5: MANAGING YOUR BATHROOM -- offer tips for regaining control over one of the most-often used rooms in your home...including three methods to store your towels, how and where to store bath toys, displaying your "ooh-la-la's", finding a home for bathroom gadgets, and arranging your medicines properly so everyone in the household is safe

TAPE 6: MANAGING YOUR KITCHEN -- takes you on a tour of the kitchen, rooting out disorganization and making the best use of your space...including organizing your cooking implements so you can find and use them when needed, finding the best home for dishes and glasses, secret places to store seldom-used appliances, taking stock of your pantry so you can save money, finding food fast when you're REALLY hungry, and creating (and using) an effective grocery list

TAPE 7: GETTING YOUR CHILDREN ORGANIZED -- designed to help you create organizing and time management systems to teach your children that will last them a lifetime...including how to take a toy inventory and what to do with the overflow, how to create a closet and clothes system that your children can use, how to create a school and chore board, and what to do with all the book bags, homework, and artwork

TAPE 8: MANAGING YOUR GARAGE AND OTHER STORAGE AREAS -- provides some fabulous storage tips and product suggestions for your garage, basement, attic, and more...including discovering what purpose you would like for your garage to serve, how much the "stuff" in your garage is costing you, how to empty and organize wasted storage areas and turn them back into usable space, and how to hang, shelf, or containerize loose items to free up valuable space (with special guest Bill West, author of "Your Garagenous Zone")

TAPE 9: MAKING TIME WORK FOR YOU -- teaches you to make better use of your time, rid yourself of time-wasters, cope with the daily information explosion, take advantage of technology instead of it taking advantage of you, and juggle your priorities so the most important ones come out on top (with special guest and time management guru Harold Taylor, author of "Making Time Work For You")

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