What is Feng Shui?

Ancient Feng Shui is described as "the Chinese art of placement". Literally translated Feng Shui means Wind Water and the story goes that back in the beginning (about 2,500 to 6,000 years ago) the farmers, before settling, would determine how the winds blew, the direction and what if any protection might be in the area and where water and/or sources of water were located. Once satisfied with the correct balance of wind, protection, water and other resources needed to survive they would settle down. As you can see placement was very important and still is, just not as "strict" for us as it was then. Why? Because things - people and place - change and evolve.

In Pyramid Feng Shui, what I practice and am certified in, we first approach the person's desires or "wishes" for their life and then create the support they need to obtain those wishes through recommendations of the use of color, shapes, textures, sounds, movement, placement, and scent.

Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Start De-Cluttering & Feng Shuiing!
Let's Feng Shui Your Environment for Support and Weight Loss!

Cleaning out weighty junk in the home and releasing clutter (Feng Shui 's number one enemy) can sometimes assist in your weight loss and can actually affect the weight of the person doing the cleaning.

  1. Uncover what could be affecting your weight when you enter your home
  2. Discover how all your stuff might be affecting your weight and how to deal with it all
  3. Understand what you see, hear and smell can assist you in your weight loss program
  4. Simple solutions for your table and place setting that can your weight loss
  5. How to trick yourself into enjoying smaller portion sizes by simply changing your plates
  6. Learn the colors and shapes to use to get you off the couch and start moving again