CHAPTER 1: MOTIVATION -- discusses the hardest part of organizing, getting motivated to get started...including:

CHAPTER 2: STUMBLING BLOCKS -- details some common stumbling blocks that people often face when trying to get organized...including:

CHAPTER 3: FILE MANAGEMENT -- describes and offers instructions for setting up several different systems for your information...including:

CHAPTER 4: ON THE GO -- discusses staying organized as you travel...including:

CHAPTER 5: PRESENTATION -- offers tips and suggestions for organizing and composing your speech...including:

CHAPTER 6: SETTING THE STAGE -- covers every aspect of creating an effective presentation space...including:

CHAPTER 7: PANELS -- offers ten valuable tips for successful participation in a speaking panel...including:

CHAPTER 8: PROFESSIONAL ADVICE -- provides tips and techniques on organizing both yourself and your presentation from well-known professional speakers...including: