YOUR BUSINESS PLAN -- explains what a business plan is, why you should create one, how to put one together, and asks 8 basic questions that your business plan should answer

BEGINNINGS -- leads you through the process of setting upyour physical office, selecting the right furniture and equipment, choosing a company name and logo, and creating a professional persona through ancillary communication services (po box, voice messaging, e-mail, fax, etc.) tips for finding bargains on equipment and bartering for key startup professional services (printing, accounting, attorneys, etc.)

SETTING YOUR FEES -- offers 8 important questions to askwhen setting your professional fees in order to assure that your fees areappropriate for the services you offer, in-line with what the competitioncharges, and adequate compensation for your suggestionsfor gathering pricing (and other) information through the National Associationof Professional Organizers

MARKETING BASICS / A MARKETING PLAN -- explains whata marketing plan is, why you should create one, how to put one together, and asks 12 key questions that your marketing plan should tips for staying within your budget, tips for creating effective marketing efforts,and a list of sample marketing ideas

TELEPHONE AND MAIL -- discusses effective businesscommunications, including what to say, how to say it, and how to best stay in touch with clients and prospects

NETWORKING -- describes the value of developing areferral-based or "word-of-mouth" business, including 8 tips for helpingpeople recognize a good client for you and the best places to network

SELLING PRODUCT -- outlines the benefits of developingorganizing products (both to your credibility and your wallet) and leads you through a six-step process for creating and distributing a successful product

COLLABORATION -- offers three keys to building a collaborative relationship, including deciding with whom to collaborate, your respective rolesin the partnership, and the benefits your collaboration offers your suggestions for creating a clear and comprehensive agreement between you and your partner

GROWING YOUR BUSINESS / RELATIONSHIP BUILDING -- discusses the many facets of creating a successful and long-lasting business, including:
- creating both a marketing and an annual event calendar
- putting together a strategic plan
- measuring your progress toward your goals
- following-up with clients and staying in touch

AGREEMENTS / YOUR FEES -- leads you through the process of developing a client contract and quoting prices to your clients without fear of future misunderstandings or conflicts with your customers

REPUTATION & IMAGE / BAD BUSINESS -- describes the impact (positive and negative) that your professional appearance and reputation have on your business, and ways to prevent dissatisfied clients from giving you "bad press" tips for moving beyond accepting every single client that comes your way and focusing on jobs that are both rewarding and profitable