JUST FOR FUN STRESS TEST -- a quick 15-question reality-check that helps you identify those areas of your life that are chaotic and might need some help

CHAPTER 1: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ORGANIZED? -- outlines 25 reasons that people commonly give for wanting to get organized, explains what organizing is and what it is not, and describes the process that you must undergo to get and stay organized

CHAPTER 2: THE THREE GEARS OF ORGANIZING -- breaks your organizing tasks down into three areas of, paper, and time

CHAPTER 3: FOCUS ON GETTING ORGANIZED -- outlines the five "F.O.C.U.S." organizing principles, describing the approach, types of storage, and systems you will need to get organized

CHAPTER 4: FIVE STEPS TO ORGANIZING ANYTHING -- explains the 5 actions you need to take in any area of your life to clear the clutter, create logical categories, find a home for everything, and develop a sense of order where chaos once ruled

CHAPTER 5: ORGANIZING SPACE -- applies the five steps mentioned above to space organizing and teaches you how to "R.R.I.P." through any pile of stuff or paper in no time...including tips for overcoming packrat tendencies, making smart decisions about your stuff, reasons why people have a hard time letting go of things, and special rules for handling incoming paperwork, email, and reading materials

CHAPTER 6: ORGANIZING STUFF -- applies the five steps mentioned above to organizing your belongings and offers tips for maximizing your storage, overcoming "out of sight, out of mind", setting up meaning files for any kind of paper, and understanding the difference between action / project / resource / archive some helpful filing dos and don'ts,

CHAPTER 7: ORGANIZING TIME -- applies the five steps mentioned above to time management...with suggestions for managing to-do lists, finding the "right" calendar, making the most of colored sticky notes, project planning, dealing with interruptions, overcoming procrastination, and multi-tasking

CHAPTER 8: ORGANIZING OTHER PEOPLE -- explains why you can never organize someone else if they aren't committed to the process and offers some tips for encouraging better organizational behavior in your family and co-workers without being pushy

CHAPTER 9: BACKSLIDING -- describes the six reasons that someone will backslide while implementing a new system (generally a flaw in the system) and how to overcome those obstacles by tweaking and improving your system

CHAPTER 10: YOU CAN DO IT! -- offers a final pat on the back to help you down the road toward organization

APPENDIX A: WHAT TO SAVE AND HOW LONG TO SAVE IT -- provides some general records retention guidelines for financial, medical, household, and personal documents

APPENDIX B: YOUR SAFE DEPOSIT BOX -- provides a list of documents that should be stored in a safe deposit box or fire safe in case of emergency

APPENDIX C: ORGANIZERS TO THE RESCUE -- offers some tips for finding and selecting a professional organizer to help you