PARENTING PRINCIPLES -- explains and expounds on the five basic principles for teaching new behaviors to your child:

1) children don't do what you expect, but what you inspect

2) every parenting crisis is really a learning experience

3) you are who you think you are

4) an empty vessel has nothing to pour

5) be prepared for anything, because anything can happen

ORGANIZING AND TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS -- filled with 500 suggestions for helping your kids manage their time better, stay on top of their school papers, and keep their belongings in order

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS -- if you have a question about how to organize your child, you will probably find the answer here; 35 questions from real-life parents about how to get their kids to do chores, how to fit in all into a day, and how to keep their homes in order...with detailed, practical solutions from Professional Organizer and author Cheryl Carter

QUICK FILL-UP TIPS FOR MOMS -- 40 suggestions for ways to nurture and take care of yourself as a parent...having something for yourself so that you have something to give back to your kids

APPENDICES -- includes some sample checklists to help you start your family down the road toward organization (Morning Checklist, Evening Checklist, Family Fun Checklist, Daily To-Do List, Study Planning Sheet, and Chore Lists for 2-6 years, 7-12 years, 13-18 years, and 18+ years), suggested reading for parents, and books that you might read with your children about developing strong life skills and good organizational habits