BAKING -- offers tips for making your baking easier, including suggestions for easy recipes and bulk, worksheets for recording favorite holiday recipes and the ingredients needed (make copies to use again and again)

BUDGET INFORMATION -- provides suggestions for preparing financially for the holidays to make sure you don't end up in debt come January...including a budget worksheet for tracking your estimated and actual holiday expenses (make copies to use again and again)

GREETING CARD MAILING -- helps you evaluate the tradition of sending greeting cards (and whether or not this tradition is for you), ways to make card-sending easier, tips for creating simple mailing labels, and suggestions for making sure the cards are all ready to send in, a worksheet for tracking the number of cards you sent each year and to whom (make copies to use again and again)

CRAFTS -- offers sources for craft ideas and tips for including your, a worksheet for organizing your craft ideas, the materials needed, and the instructions for each

DECORATING -- provides tips for simplifying each part of holiday decorating (tree, outside lights, wreaths, candles, centerpieces, aromas, music, bathrooms, your dishes, etc.), a worksheet for organizing photos of your decorating masterpieces for reference next year (make copies to use again and again)

ENTERTAINING -- filled with detailed suggestions for fun but relatively stress-free holiday entertaining ideas...including an entertaining checklist with room for recording information about each event, such as the budget, type of gathering, guest list, menu, grocery, list, music, etc. (make copies to use again and again)

GIFT BUYING -- offers ideas for inexpensive gifts and ways to cut down on the materialism of the a gift buying worksheet for recording your gift ideas, budgeted amount, and amount spent for each person in your life

GIFT WRAPPING -- helps you find some inexpensive yet attractive ways to make your gifts look special...including a checklist for setting up a gift wrapping "center" in your home

PLANNING AHEAD -- provides a month-by-month list of issues to consider and tasks to complete, from August through, a planning ahead checklist for each month and monthly calendar grids for scheduling all of your to-do's (make copies to use again and again)

PLACES TO GO AND PEOPLE TO SEE -- offers suggestions for scheduling key events into your calendar grid, making room for the important activities, and being more discriminating about what you spend your time on

REFLECTIONS ON THE SEASON -- an examination of the many stresses we face during the season (and how many of them are self-imposed), as well as tips for cutting back and making more time for relaxation...including 7 questions to help you evaluate what you would like to change for next year and 10 simple "stress reducers" for the holidays

RESOURCE PAGE -- a list of books and websites to help you with holiday baking, crafts, party planning, decorating, music, and more

TRADITIONS -- a list of 11 inexpensive and enjoyable family traditions that you can start and some suggestions of places that might benefit from your volunteer efforts well as a "holiday memories" worksheet for recording the important moments and highlights each of the fall and winter holidays (make copies to use again and again)

PLANNING FOR NEXT YEAR -- a worksheet for recording any purchases you have made or gift ideas you might have come up with for the next year (so you don't forget come December)