BEGINNING: THE SEEDS ARE PLANTED -- explains the story behind the "simple steps" program and the women who started it...and shares some of the successes of people who have been through the program and seen amazing changes in their lives

GETTING STARTED: BUDS TO BLOSSOMS -- outlines the basic concepts behind the program, provides you with some healthy guidelines to follow as you work toward your goals, and offers some nutritional information about the food pyramid and portion sizes

WEEK ONE: THE WATER LILY -- provides some simple steps and easy tricks for drinking more water during the day, getting some walking in as exercise, cleaning out your drawers / cabinets / closets, and setting up a plan to start saving a portion of your earnings each week

WEEK TWO: THE DAISY -- leads you through the process of food journaling (the right way) to help you keep track of your food goals, adding in some easy isometric exercises to your routine, setting up an efficient laundry system, and planning (and following through with) a to-do list each day

WEEK THREE: THE ROSE -- outlines a plan for making sure you are getting the right vitamins and minerals each day, offers tips for improving your posture and breathing, takes you through the steps to clean off and organize your desk (and keep it that way), and helps you simplify your personal grooming routine

WEEK FOUR: THE BUTTERCUP -- explains the difference between good and bad fats (and offers some suggestions for balancing the two in your diet), teaches you how to "kitchen dance" for exercise and fun, leads you through the process for cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry and organizing your food storage, and provides some tips for simplifying dental hygiene

WEEK FIVE: LAVENDER -- offers tips to help you cut back caffeine in your diet, teaches you how to include some yoga and stretching in your exercise routine, outlines a plan for getting rid of mail clutter, and ideas for carving out ten minutes of solitude every day

WEEK SIX: THE TULIP -- discusses ways to find healthy alternatives to processed carbohydrates, explains the right way to do crunches, offers some tips for cleaning out and organizing your car, and leads you through the process of updating your closet and your wardrobe

WEEK SEVEN: THE MORNING GLORY -- outlines the benefits and techniques for slowing down as you eat, describes a few simple stretches you can do each morning to start the day, offers a process for organizing your photos and memorabilia, and teaches you how to keep a daily gratitude journal

WEEK EIGHT: THE EVENING PRIMROSE -- teaches you how to cut out eating late at night, shows you easy steps for adding strength training to your exercise routine, outlines a plan for simplifying making your bed each day, and outlines some tips for getting at least 1/2 hour more of sleep a night

WEEK NINE: THE PANSY -- shows you some simple and creative ways to use herbs and spices in your cooking, explains the principles of cross-training, leads you through a plan to clear up one home improvement or repair project a week, and discusses ways to rediscover your passions

WEEK TEN: THE SUNFLOWER -- teaches you how to plan meals ahead for the week and set up a simple grocery shopping system, extend your daily walk, create an inviting entryway to your home, and create your own treasure map of life goals

THE HARVEST: REAPING THE BENEFITS -- ties all of these actions together into a template for a new you...with seven tips for maintaining the changes you have made