HOLIDAY INVENTORY -- helps you assess how your holidays are matching up with your values and goals...including:

HOLIDAY TO-DO'S -- guides you through getting it all done in an orderly fashion before the holiday hits...including:

HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN CALENDAR -- helps you create a plan that will get all of your holiday to-do's done in time...including:

HOLIDAY GREETING CARD LIST -- guides you through getting your cards out to all of your loved ones and associates...including:

HOLIDAY GIFT LOG -- provides you with a system for organizing your gift-giving this year...including:

PARTY AND MENU PLANNING -- outlines a plan for organizing your holiday meals and entertaining...including:

SIMPLIFYING LIFE -- helps you examine ways to make the holidays less hectic and stressful...including:

FINDING TIME TO RELAX -- helps you to carve out a little time for yourself in the midst of all the holiday madness...including:

GOALS FOR THE NEW YEAR -- guides you through the setting of your new year's goals to guarantee successful completion...including: