INTRODUCTION -- wxplains the purpose of this time management system and what this workbook is all about...including:

SECTION 1: WHAT IS PROCRASTINATION -- takes a look at what procrastination really is and isn't...including:

SECTION 2: WHY DOES PROCRASTINATION HAPPEN? -- takes a look at the many reasons we procrastinate, and offers worksheets helping you identify the 22 most common "excuses" in your daily life...including:

SECTION 3: HOW CAN I BEGIN TO CHANGE? -- examines some simple yet effective steps you can take to start moving past procrastination, and offers 41 worksheets for implementing each new behavior in your life...including:

SECTION 4: AM I A PROCRASTINATOR? -- helps you examine specific areas of your life, asking pointed questions to determine if you tend to procrastinate on those actions, and offers 73 worksheets to help you understand the reason behind the procrastination and begin planning steps to change it...including:

SECTION 5: TOOLS FOR CHANGE -- examines 18 common tasks that people procrastinate on and breaks each activity into small manageable steps, to demonstrate the process required for overcoming procrastination...including:

SECTION 6: FORMS FOR CHANGE -- provides forms and lists to help you organize your life and make overcoming your procrastination habit a little easier...including:

SECTION 7: RESOURCES -- offers some additional book, products, and organizations that might be of use to you in your journey to overcome procrastination...including: