GETTING STARTED -- offers an overview of the book and how you might put it to use...including:

DESIGN YOUR OWN TEMPLATE -- leads you through the process of putting together your own slide show format...including:

BUILD A PRESENTATION -- moves on to show you how to turn your slide template into a meaningful visual presentation...including:

DRAW, INSERT, AND ALIGN OBJECTS -- takes you to the next step of including a graphic component to your presentation...including:

EDIT, DUPLICATE, AND FLIP OBJECTS -- offers some additional tips for manipulating the graphics in your presentation...including:

CUSTOM ANIMATION -- outlines the steps you will need to follow to create moving pictures and graphics in your presentation...including:

CREATING HANDOUTS -- covers the ways your PowerPoint presentation can be easily transformed into paper handouts for your audience...including:

ADDING MUSIC, VOICE, AND MOVIES -- teaches you how to create a full multi-media presentation using all information formats...including:

CREATE AND INSERT CHARTS -- offers some tips for developing visually impressive and informative charts for your presentation...including:

ACTION BUTTONS -- shows you how to create and use hyperlinked buttons in your presentation...including:

PRESENTATION OPTIONS -- takes a look at the actual presenting of your slide show...including:

MORE TIPS AND TRICKS -- provides some additional useful hints for making the most of the features offered by PowerPoint...including:

TIPS ON PRESENTING -- outlines 16 rules to keep in mind when creating your presentation, for minimum frustration and maximum effect

POWERPOINT SHORTCUT KEYS -- lists the most commonly-used PowerPoint shortcuts, and what action each key performs