PREPARING FOR A SMALLER SPACE -- offers 9 tips for getting ready to downsize, understanding how much less space you will have, and planning how many of your possessions will fit in your new home and where you will put them

KITCHEN -- provides 9 suggestions for creating more storage in your kitchen, making effective use of less counter space, and utilizing storage paraphernalia (like racks, hooks, drawer dividers, etc.) Feng Shui cures for a small kitchen

BATHROOM -- offers 9 tips for finding hidden space in your bathroom, keeping your counters clear, and avoiding bathroom supply "overload" Feng Shui cures for a small bathroom

BEDROOM / CLOSET -- outlines 9 ways to minimize the clutter in your bedroom, create a more functional closet, keep the surfaces of your furniture clear, and stay on top of fashion Feng Shui cures for turning your bedroom into a sanctuary

LIVING / DINING AREA -- gives you 9 techniques for scaling your living and dining furniture to the size of your new home, finding or creating "multi-functional" pieces, and keeping items from other parts of the house from taking over your main Feng Shui cures for creating a nurturing living space

HOME OFFICE -- offers 9 tips for creating an ergonomically correct work space, organizing equipment and cords, and finding enough storage for your office Feng Shui cures for keeping work and personal spaces separate

GENERAL IDEAS -- provides 9 suggestions for getting rid of clutter, taking the stress out of organizing, staying on top of the mail, making the most of your storage, and keeping the junk from piling back up again

ORGANIZING TOOLS -- outlines 9 types of organizing supplies that can greatly improve the feel and function of a smaller space, condo, or apartment

FENG SHUI -- outlines 9 basic Feng Shui principles for use throughout your house to improve your energy flow, the functioning of your space, and the feel of your home