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A Life Less Cluttered:

Expert Secrets To Your Own Organizing Epiphany

Many people believe that they have to be born with some inherent super-power to be better organized in their daily lives. This ebook sets out to not only disprove this myth, but to break down the "secret" personality traits and characteristics that all organized people share -- so they can be taught in an easy to learn, step-by-step method.

Written by veteran organizer Christine Rice, this 132-page guide is like no other organizing guide you've ever seen before. It doesn't read like most text-book style, how-to organizing books. It doesn't hand out tips and to do lists. It starts with YOU -- teaching those important facets of organization that most organizing books miss, the steps that help you make the most lasting changes.

Download the printable electronic e-book (in PDF format).

You will learn to:
  • understand where your disorganization comes from
  • discover what kind of a "clutter catcher" you are
  • break free from negative labels and preconceptions
  • create an environment that encourages goal achievement
  • become more efficient and resourceful in your daily life
  • identify your own "self-motivators" to stay on track
  • face your fears in order to become truly organized

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Things To Know Before You Buy...

What Our Customers Have To Say...

"I've honestly never read another organizing book all the way through because I just gave up implementing before I even started. Your book gives me a view of what's possible and how to get there -- by looking internally at my life rather than looking externally for the right tip or the right system. I know that by applying what I've learned here I will truly become a more deliberate, organized person rather than one who implements, and discards, a new organizing method every few months."

"I was reassured by your personal account that it is possible to learn and adopt the traits necessary. What particularly struck me was the idea that fear plays a large part in clutter and organising issues. Once pointed out to me I realised that it is very true -- I tuck away the physical things that I don't want to have to face emotionally. I was left tantalised and wanting to read more. And then went and decluttered the kitchen counter!"

"WOW! What an eye-opener! I thought clutter was all about the stuff. Now I realize that the stuff is the visible symptom and this amazing book is the cure! I can't wait to dig into the workbook and evolve beyond this annoying cluttered mess!"

"This book offers a fascinating approach for gaining organizational skill -- learn and adopt the traits of organized people! It's organization from the inside out and therefore more lasting."

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