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Hi & Dri Customizable Storage Pallet

Hi & Dri Customizable Storage Pallet

Looking for a great way to keep your containers Hi & Dri?

This pallet lets you stack and store anything that won't fit on conventional shelves -- boxes, business records, supplies, furniture -- up and off wet or dirty concrete floors.

It's an innovative alternative to heavy, splintery wood pallets and makeshift solutions like bricks and boards. Made of modular, lightweight high-impact polypropylene parts that assemble without tools -- this pallet won't transmit moisture, rot, or rust. It lifts items 3.625" off the ground and has an open deck -- maximizing air circulation around items, minimizing mold.

This modular system is completely customizable, create a pallet of whatever size or shape you need -- rectangle, square, or to fit around a corner. And when your storage requirements change, just disassemble the pallet and reconfigure it.

Each component -- 1-foot rails, 2-foot rails and corner connectors -- is available separately to create your own design. Use the 2-foot rails to create a grid for large items -- add the 1-foot rails to create smaller grid divisions to support smaller boxes or heavier.

Or, buy either of our 2 pre-packaged kits. The large kit comes with ten 2-ft rails and 8 corners (makes a pallet up to 12 square feet). The small kit contains five 2-ft length rails, two 1-ft rails, and 4 corners (makes a pallet up to 4 square feet).

Prevent damage to stored items caused by, flooding, snowmelts, broken pipes, leaky appliances, dampness, and humidity.And save $5 each when you buy 2+ of the same kit!

Other great ways to use Hi & Dri:

  • raise pet cages, files, inventory off the ground
  • stack firewood, boxes, bulk supplies
  • store garden supplies, recyclables, outdoor equipment
  • raise computer cabinetry, furniture, wardrobes
  • make a platform or merchandise display

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What Our Customers Have To Say...

"I will use the pallets in my garage to store my tree roses during the winter. This past winter I had them standing on wooden pallets and unfortunately I do get water on one side of my garage. I think the plastic pallets will solve my problem of rotting wood. The wood pallets last me about a year or so and I know the plastic ones I will have forever. I wish I had found this product sooner because I think it is better than sliced bread."

"I saw the pallets in a catalog and bought a few and before you know it I was seeing how easy they are to use. I am still moving boxed stuff into storage boxes and onto pallets, and when I’m done will have set up pallets in every inch of space (except the walkways) I love these pallets, and they’re making a big difference in how my basement storage looks."

"I purchased the Hi & Dri Storage Pallets for myself after downsizing my home. I needed to be sure some sentimental items were kept up and away from any water that may come into my basement. They worked perfectly and I was so happy with them that I purchased more for my newly married daughter in Maine who was moving into their first small apartment which had a very damp basement and very little storage. Once again the pallets were exactly what they needed to hold some furniture and other items that did not fit into their apartment. I would highly recommend these to everyone. What a great idea!"

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