PROCESSING INFORMATION VS. PRODUCING WORK -- explains why multitasking is such a time waster, how to handle your e-mails more effectively, and why you should only process information (in-box, e-mail, and voice mail) three times a day

CREATING AN INFORMATION AND PAPER WORKFLOW -- discusses the only four places that information can go and describes a system for completely emptying your desk in-box each day in less than 5 minutes

ONE SYSTEM FOR YOUR E-MAIL, HARD DRIVE, AND PAPER FILES -- teaches you how to set up one master information storage system (rather than the typical 6-8 systems that most people use to store paper and digital files) a proven technique for setting up filing categories so that all your information can be found in 5 seconds or less

STORE YOUR INFORMATION IN ONLY ONE DIRECTORY ON YOUR HARD DRIVE -- describes a system for setting up categories on your computer that mirror your paper files in both structure and, explains why and how you should work from Windows Explorer on your computer when changing, organizing, or updating files

CREATE A SYSTEM OF WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR E-MAILS -- describes the only four places that e-mails can go, how to set up action categories in your e-mail program, and how to set up an e-mail work and storage system while traveling or if you are paperless