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Knowledge Management

What happens when an employee or executive leaves your organization -- where does all the INFORMATION in that person's head go? The science of "knowledge management" involves the GATHERING of bits and pieces of undocumented -- but critical information -- about business processes and policies.

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Adaptive Solutions Adaptive Solutions provides expertise, methods and tools to help organizations align capabilities with strategic intent -- collect, store, manage, and distribute corporate information assets.
Assistum Assistum publishes a suite of knowledge management software tools specializing in high level business processes, including decision-making and compliance audits.
Brint.com Brint.com is your research data portal for knowledge management, organizational learning, virtual organizations, and system theory for various business applications.
Clear Course Clear Course creates interactive knowledge management and provides e-learning solutions -- customize an online university using your organization's existing content.
Convera Convera uses unique search technology capable of providing integrated results from intranet and internet content -- it's fast, accurate, multilingual and multi-platform.
Eidos Media Eidos Media develops software tools to better organize and process information, create and distribute knowledge and transform it into competitive assets.
Entovation International Entovation International maintains a complex network of software products and services to help enterprises implement successful knowledge management strategies.
Executive Information Systems Executive Information Systems is a knowledge management, consulting, intelligence and training organization helping companies enhance their knowledge processing.
Foreview Foreview helps your company make wiser decisions and achieve strategic objectives with their information consultants' expertise at conducting trend analyses.
Futron Futron uses collaborative analytic methods, models, and in-depth data repositories to transform information and provide your company with decision-support solutions.
Handshaw Handshaw custom-designs employee e-learning programs, organizational knowledge management and customer support -- for companies of all sizes.
Information Mapping Information Mapping brings order to the complexity of managing corporate information through research-based e-learning programs, consulting services and technology solutions.
ISDE ISDE develops software products and related service solutions to enhance employee morale, support continuous improvement, and foster a culture of innovation.
KD Labs KD Labs improves your profitability, business performance, and success by analyzing your internal customer data and external research and by fact-based consulting.
KM Forum KM Forum is an online virtual community focusing on the fundamental theories, methods, and practices supporting the knowledge professions -- get news, join discussions and try the tutorials.
KM World KM World covers the latest news in content, document and knowledge management -- find upcoming events, workshops, conferences and a variety of other resources.
Know Inc. Know Inc. develops knowledge strategies that incorporate your IT infrastructure and corporate culture -- build your strategic capabilities with their wide array of tools.
Knowledge Management 101 Knowledge Management 101 provides answers to frequently asked questions about knowledge management philosophies, information repositories, technological approaches and more.
Knowledge Nurture Knowledge Nurture offers a library of online resources for the worldwide knowledge management community -- practitioners, newcomers, academics, students, and thinkers.
Knowledge Outlook Knowledge Outlook specializes in information design, content management solutions, and structured on-the-job training development that lets you focus on content instead of programming.
Librios Librios develops document, content and knowledge management systems and unconventional database software -- check out their virtual discussion community.
Ontopia Ontopia provides training, software, and knowledge management solutions based on the topic map paradigm for organizing, retrieving, and navigating information resources.
SCOAP SCOAP is a community of private and public sector enterprises and individuals aspiring to learn about and apply advanced knowledge management concepts and standards.
Silent One Silent One is a web-enabled knowledge management product providing an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, retrieving, sharing, and managing file-based information.
Smith Weaver Smith Smith Weaver Smith provides strategic planning, project management, training, assessment, research, and more to support knowledge management and communication.
Stanford Solutions Stanford Solutions transforms raw data into knowledge, enabling companies to make wise decisions -- techniques include knowledge audits and information mapping.
Tacit Knowledge Systems Tacit Knowledge Systems discovers employee work focus, expertise and business relationships via active network technology processing of e-mail, documents and business communications.
TRAC Records TRAC Records offers a paper records management software system -- get a four-level classification structure, search and report-generation capabilities, and integration with other systems.
Zavanta Zavanta creates procedure-writing software that allows the user to transfer knowledge and ensure that all critical details (tips, tricks, and nuances) get captured to the knowledge base.

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